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Bender Goes To Asheville

Check out some Ruin dudes in this edit from Bender Hardware.

Headcleaner Full Video

Long-time Ruin team rider / team manager / filmer / etc, Matt Creasy worked with Alex Rose of Tennskate, our own Georgia boy Bryan Reynolds, and ex Georgia boy Chris Theissen on a sick new video with a big line up. Here’s the video in its entirety, hosted by Transworld

Old Promo

Before we even had a name for the 3rd Ruin video, we made a quick promo to coincide with Bluetile Skateshop’s most recent video and 10th anniversary. Stop by there if you’re ever in the Columbia SC area.

This is some high-concept stuff right here.

Jeremiah Babb on Pusher Wheels

Ruin team rider Jeremiah Babb has got his own wheel for Pusher. Here’s a little Pusher commercial featuring the man himself.

Bender at Brook Run

Check out some Ruin riders on the Bender Hardware team along with some shop homies!