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Birdwatching now just $10!

Ruin’s 3rd video, “Birdwatching” is now only $10!
Click HERE for the web store.
Here is the first section of the video featuring Andrew Edge and homies.


Ruin’s latest video, Birdwatching, is available in store and online.  It features the Ruin team, plus some homies including Jimmy Lannon, Dan Plunkett, Justin Brock, and a ton more. To order online, click the photo below or visit the page through the link at the top.

birdwatching for site

Here’s the trailer we used for the premiere and Andrew Edge’s opening part!

Old Promo

Before we even had a name for the 3rd Ruin video, we made a quick promo to coincide with Bluetile Skateshop’s most recent video and 10th anniversary. Stop by there if you’re ever in the Columbia SC area.

This is some high-concept stuff right here.

Andrew Edge in Birdwatching

This dude keeps getting first part in everything, but the skating is definitely worthy of a last part.  It’s Andrew Edge coming in hot in the first part of Ruin’s 3rd video, Birdwatching.  (Also featuring Josh Butler and Trey Abad.)

Birdwatching Trailer

Here’s the trailer to the new Ruin video.