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Pandemic Hours



Ruin Skateshop Tony Hawk Pro Skater PlayStation Contest running now through April 30th.

Best 2 minute run*

Trophy’s for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd

We will post the current High Scores when they change under the tag #RSTHPSPSCONTEST on the @ruininc Instagram

*Must play our in-store PlayStation One with our controller with all cheats off.
*We must take photo of high score for it to count.

Warning for online shoppers and those looking for their 1st board

We wrote an article on the perils with skateboard shopping online and the misinformation websites are giving you in the name of making a quick buckhow to buy a board bs


Chocolate x Ruin Atlanta boards

ruin Choc-Lanta Deck

ruin Choc-Lanta Tee

Now available at Ruin and up on the site! Continue Reading →

Clip of the week:

CHOMP ON THIS! featuring Jamie Thomas as Freddy Kruger!

there’s a few Atlanta spots in his part. One of our favorite videos of all time. If you’ve never seen the whole thing go find it! <- Chomp is a video where skate filmers and photographers competed to have the best skate parts with a few pro's mixed in as well. #CHOMPTHEWHOLEWORLD (rumors of CHOMP ON THIS! 2 being worked on are out there. I hope it's true)

Clip of the Week:

Andy Howell from Underworld Element’s “SkyPager”

Andy Howell, while not from Atlanta had a huge impact on Atlanta’s skate scene! He lived here and turned pro while he went to college at Atlanta College of Art (now SCAD).

SkyPager video 1993. Skip to Andy’s part go to 2:10

Girl Skateboards “Doll” Video Premiere

Ruin Doll Prem

Free and for all ages (video is probably PG-13). Show starts at 8pm! Saturday Oct 20th. We MAY have 2 showings if the 1st is a full house.

Quasi: “Mother Knows Best” video premiere. Friday the 13th at 8pm. Here at RUIN!


Premiere starts at 8pm, Friday the 13th, here at Ruin

“Pacemaker” Friday 4/27 @8pm. Here at Ruin!

Threads- pm ruin

Brought to you by Threads Idea Vacuum and Ruin

Hand Eye Art contest & exhibition

Hand Eye Flyer big w sponsors