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Headcleaner Full Video

Long-time Ruin team rider / team manager / filmer / etc, Matt Creasy worked with Alex Rose of Tennskate, our own Georgia boy Bryan Reynolds, and ex Georgia boy Chris Theissen on a sick new video with a big line up. Here’s the video in its entirety, hosted by Transworld

Killing Floor Full Length: Prism

SEC vs FU-Crue Premiere June 13th

Heavy stuff here from the homies.

Glen Fox on Magenta

Hockey Promo

HOCKEY from FA World Entertainment on Vimeo.

Cole Frazier – BS Flip

Cole BS Flip
Photo: Morico

ABD Dude… Whatever.

Jenkem: Busenitz Interview


Jenkem: Dennis Busentiz Interview

Dennis talks about energy drink sponsors, building ledges, and general skateboarding stuff. Good interview from a skateboarders skateboarder! Highly recommended. Click the photo and read!



Paul Schmitt on Skateboard Manufacturing

Paul Schmitt

Yesterday, Ride Channel posted this article, interviewing Paul Schmitt about everything from board shape, to ABEC ratings, to wheel durometers.  It’s a good read, and pulls back the curtain of marketing a little bit.  It also talks about how different board shapes can be even if they’re still a “popsicle”.

Ruin’s Andrew Edge in Jack Wishon’s “Bae”

Jack Wishon is working on a new video called “Bae” and has released a promo for it featuring lots of stuff from Ruin team rider Andrew Edge. Check it.

A Proper “Sponsor Me” Tape

So we’ve been getting a lot of people asking us about getting sponsored and sending us tapes. Our team rider Mikey Lynch sent out this tape to a couple of companies he was stoked on, and it is a good example of a “sponsor me” tape we’d like to see.