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You guys been sleepin. We still got a copy of THNKU featuring occasional Atlanta transient Pat Gallaher and the Ruin homie, Brook Run regular Julian Mejia.

Gino Pushing

Literally almost 5 minutes of Gino pushing… Amazing. Complete with switch mongo. Once you try to have a style, you have none.

Nigel’s Widdip Video

Notorious nice guy Nigel Hart put out an easily digestible 10 minute video with a title longer than the video itself; “Widdip: a Widdip Video by Nigel Hart”. It’s got parts from some Ruin dudes and some homies. The usual suspects here. Some fun skating in this one. Good job Nigel. If we allowed comments, I’m sure we’d be getting tons of “Where is that spot at X:XX?!?!?”.

Victor’s Web Part

Karl Glaser posted a part for Ruin’s very own Victor Gonzalez. The next wizard? Maybe. Only time will tell.

Shane gets 2nd at Volcom Global Finals

Our boy Shane Farber came in second place in the 15-21 Volcom “Wild in the Parks” Global Championships at the Berrics.  Congrats dude.  We’re super late posting this, and super proud of him.

Shane 2nd at Volcom

Ruin’s Shane Farber won the Volcom Wild in the Parks contest at Hazard

Shane Volcom Contest 6

Shane took the win for the 15-21 division at the recent Volcom contest.  Homie came in first in qualifiers and the finals.  Ripper.  Congrats Shane.  More pictures from the contest on his team page HERE.

We put these fools on the team

New Dudes


How do you get on Ruin?  Well, it helps to put out multiple video parts on your own before you have any sponsors.  It was an easy decision to put these dudes on.  Self-motivated skate rats, and they all rip.  Watch out for these guys.  Welcome, Victor Gonzalez, Shane Farber, Grayson Miller, and Noah Chee-How.


Bender Goes To Asheville

Check out some Ruin dudes in this edit from Bender Hardware.

This Edit > Your Brook Run Montage

Not a hint of “cool guy” here.  These dudes are just out skating, really skating.  We love this stuff.

Andrew hit some bad luck at the end of this one.  Sorry buddy, we appreciate you repping the Ruin tee though.

Ruin’s Ben Hayes on Transworld

Check out this 2 minute edit of our team rider Ben Hayes featured on the Transworld Skateboarding site!