Paul Schmitt on Skateboard Manufacturing

Paul Schmitt

Yesterday, Ride Channel posted this article, interviewing Paul Schmitt about everything from board shape, to ABEC ratings, to wheel durometers.  It’s a good read, and pulls back the curtain of marketing a little bit.  It also talks about how different board shapes can be even if they’re still a “popsicle”.

Ruin’s Andrew Edge in Jack Wishon’s “Bae”

Jack Wishon is working on a new video called “Bae” and has released a promo for it featuring lots of stuff from Ruin team rider Andrew Edge. Check it.

A Proper “Sponsor Me” Tape

So we’ve been getting a lot of people asking us about getting sponsored and sending us tapes. Our team rider Mikey Lynch sent out this tape to a couple of companies he was stoked on, and it is a good example of a “sponsor me” tape we’d like to see.

New Atlanta Video

Chason Trau is premiering hist latest video, Mall Grab to Mongo tonight at 9PM at Southern Comfort. It’s an 18 and up premiere. Come check it out. It’s sure to be a crowd pleaser!

Birdwatching now just $10!

Ruin’s 3rd video, “Birdwatching” is now only $10!
Click HERE for the web store.
Here is the first section of the video featuring Andrew Edge and homies.

Matt Fink’s Latest Brocam Video

Always good stuff from Ruin team rider Matt Fink!

Thanks buddy!

New Atlanta Video Premiere!

Point Four-Two Presents a new video entitled Threads with full parts from Hartman Austin, James Coleman, Andrew Edge, and David Clark. The premiere is free, but there will be DVD’s available for sale.

Saturday October 4th at 9:00
433 Bishop Street Suite A
Atlanta, GA

Threads Premiere

Here’s a couple teasers for the video

Bender / BellSouth

Bender Bolts just came out with a shirt honoring everyone’s favorite Atlanta spot.  Grab one before they’re gone.


Here’s a little commercial to go with it…


Ruin’s latest video, Birdwatching, is available in store and online.  It features the Ruin team, plus some homies including Jimmy Lannon, Dan Plunkett, Justin Brock, and a ton more. To order online, click the photo below or visit the page through the link at the top.

birdwatching for site

Here’s the trailer we used for the premiere and Andrew Edge’s opening part!

Ruin Jersey Commercial

Just released our own soccer Jersey.  They are an Adidas Climacool Tiro 13 jersey, with a Ruin patch and screen on the front, and 98 screen on the back.