Threadcleaner Trailer #2

Another Trailer for “Threadcleaner”, premiering with Widdip’s new video “Gentlemen’s Club” This Saturday (8PM HERE). This trailer highlights the Widdip section in “Threadcleaner” which includes Ruin’s Victor Gonzalez, Shane Farber, Noah Chee-How, and Grayson Miller.

Threadcleaner Trailer #1

Premiering this Saturday, (Jan 23rd at 8PM HERE) Matt Creasy along with the Threads Idea Vacuum, brings us the 3rd video in the Threads series, “Threadcleaner”  This one also features Ruin’s own Andrew Edge, Jeremiah Babb, Chris Head, Noah Chee-How, Victor Gonzalez, Shane Farber, and Grayson Miller.  It’s also a double-feature premiere with Widdip’s latest video “Gentlemen’s Club” (Trailer for that one in previous post).

Widdip / Threads Premiere

Widdip and Threads are putting on a premiere at the Defoor Centre on Saturday, January 23rd at 8PM.  Big lineup of dudes between the two videos.  Bring some dough and support some of the guys working very hard to keep real skate videos alive.

Gentlemen’s Club

The usual suspects in this one, Wes, Noah, Grayson, Shane, and Victor. Haven’t gotten a sneak peak at this one, but there’s sure to be some good stuff and plenty of New York footage as well as Atlanta.

No trailer from Threadcleaner yet, but there should are some really heavy full parts, maybe a going-pro part as well?

Widdip Premiere Flyer

Google maps link

New Magenta Video Premiere

Magenta’s new video “Just Cruise” will be premiering at the shop Friday, December 11th at 8:30.  Come enjoy some popcorn and some really fun street skating!  Check out the trailer HERE.

JUST CRUISE Magenta DVD artwork


You guys been sleepin. We still got a copy of THNKU featuring occasional Atlanta transient Pat Gallaher and the Ruin homie, Brook Run regular Julian Mejia.

Gino Pushing

Literally almost 5 minutes of Gino pushing… Amazing. Complete with switch mongo. Once you try to have a style, you have none.

Nigel’s Widdip Video

Notorious nice guy Nigel Hart put out an easily digestible 10 minute video with a title longer than the video itself; “Widdip: a Widdip Video by Nigel Hart”. It’s got parts from some Ruin dudes and some homies. The usual suspects here. Some fun skating in this one. Good job Nigel. If we allowed comments, I’m sure we’d be getting tons of “Where is that spot at X:XX?!?!?”.

Victor’s Web Part

Karl Glaser posted a part for Ruin’s very own Victor Gonzalez. The next wizard? Maybe. Only time will tell.

Shane gets 2nd at Volcom Global Finals

Our boy Shane Farber came in second place in the 15-21 Volcom “Wild in the Parks” Global Championships at the Berrics.  Congrats dude.  We’re super late posting this, and super proud of him.

Shane 2nd at Volcom

We Are Open in Dunwoody!

After almost 17 years in the same location, we have relocated 3 miles down Mt. Vernon Road to Dunwoody Village.

Come see the new shop at 5521 Chamblee-Dunwoody Rd. Dunwoody, GA 30338.