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Girl Skateboards x Modernica Contest

Dudes and dude-ettes, WATCH THIS

“Isla Voyeur” premiere 9/30/17 @9:30pm

isla 1


ISLA VOYEUR preview 1

ISLA VOYEUR preview 2

Plaza Theatre is located at
1049 Ponce De Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30306

Brought to you by the hard work of everyone at Widdip Atlanta

Traffic “Look Left” viewing 9/26/10 @8pm

traffic vid1

Spirit Quest Premiere 9/10

SQ poster

We have a brand new BIG SCREEN to project on. We can’t WAIT to premiere this! Check the preview below!

Beware it’s an epic. The ONE showing will last from 8pm until about 9:30pm.
Pets welcome.

Skate History with the Look Back Library

The Look Back Library is coming to Ruin on APRIL 22nd, to show off some historic magazines, including covers from local rippers like Grant Taylor, Justin Brock, Daniel Powell, Sean Young, and Jeremiah Babb, to legends like Cardiel and Hosoi. Come hang out with us from 7PM-10PM and touch some pieces of skate history.

The Look Back Library is a non profit out of San Diego, with a mission to preserve printed skateboard materials, promote literacy, and build publicly accessible skateboard magazine librarys.

Check out Jenkem’s look at the man behind the library and his mission in this video.

DLX Video Night

Deluxe Distribution (Venture, Thunder, Krooked, Real, and Spitfire) hooked us up with DVD copies of a couple of their videos burned from their personal digital copies. We’ve got “The Spitfire Video” (1993), and Real’s “Non Fiction” (1997) playing on the big screen. Come check out a couple of classics in, probably, the best quality you will ever get to see.

As a bonus, and a thank you for participating in our video nights, Spitfire hooked us up with a bunch of promo material to give away! Hang out with us on Friday, April 15th, at 8:00 PM.

spit vid night vhs

Noah Chee-How in Gentlemen’s Club

Ruin team rider Noah Chee-How has a part in the local video “Gentlemen’s Club” by Grayson Miller, which came out early this year. They just posted Noah’s part online over at the Widdip site. Check it out below. We still have a few copies of this video left at the shop if you’d like to see the rest of this awesome project.

Polar Video Premiere (4/1/2016)

We are proud to announce, Ruin will be premiering Polar’s new video “I like it here inside my mind, don’t wake me this time.”  We wont have hard copies by the time the video premieres, but we will be taking pre-orders from now, through the premiere (in-shop only).  Attendance is free, so come hang out, and see one of the most anticipated videos of 2016!

polar premiere 3

In the meantime, check out Polar’s previous videos…

The Strongest of the Strange (2002-2005)
In Search of the Miraculous (2005-2010)
No Complies & Wallrides + Shuvits (2012)
The Polar Skate Co. Promo (2012)

Video Night #5 Blueprint / Isle (3/18/16)

Friday, March 18th at 8:00pm, We’ll be playing Isle’s video “Vase” (2015) and Blueprint’s “Waiting for the World” (2000).

wftw vase for site

This time the theme revolves around Nick Jensen and Paul Shier who are in both videos. These videos are great examples of British skateboarding and are not only depictions of great skateboarding, but are also really well put together. Videographer Dan Magee and the Blueprint guys really helped put British skateboarding on the map when W.F.T.W. came out in 2000. “The energy that everyone on and around Blueprint had during the filming of Waiting for the World was incomparable to anything else I’ve felt since. …it was a really proud moment for everyone and I think that video was a huge turning point for British skateboarding and British videos.” -Oliver Barton (2013).  After some weirdness with some Canadian investors and Dan Magee’s departure from Blueprint, most of the team left and Jensen brought over Paul Shier to form Isle skateboards around 2013.  For “Vase”, Isle chose videographer Jacob Harris to film the video.  Harris had previously worked with Isle rider Tom Knox on the independent video, “11th Hour” which was one of the best videos to come out of Britain since Dan Magee’s Blueprint work.

To read up on some more history of Blueprint and Isle, here is a collection of interviews from some of those involved.  Be sure to check out the first link which gives a good history of Blueprint with lots of video links!

Sidewalk Mag’s Tribute to Blueprint
Paul Shier Interview with Deaf Lens
Slam City Interview with Paul Shier
Sidewalk Mag’s Interview with Nick Jensen
Dan Magee Video Interview
Dan Magee Interview
Dan Magee Interview with Theories of Atlantis
Grey Mag Interview with Jacob Harris
Green Zine Interview with Jacob Harris
Transworld Interview with Jacob Harris
Free Skate Mag Interview with Mark Baines
Lost Art Interview with Mark Baines
Deaf Lens Interview with Oliver Barton
Sidewalk Mag’s Interview with John Rattray